Michigan Lawyer Makes Shocking Claim, Says Anonymous User “Remotely” Logged Into Election Systems

(Republican Insider) – The revelations about the stolen 2020 US presidential election just keep coming. Attorney Matthew DePerno in Michigan has just revealed that the election system there was accessed by an anonymous user “remotely,” days after the election.

This is major news. DePerno has previously asserted that evidence shows that the machines contained software that would allow someone to access and manipulate the results. He also said that it could be possible for someone to do this remotely.

Now it looks like DePerno has evidence that someone DID do this remotely.

DePerno has been fighting for an accurate and fair review of the election results in Michigan for months. The case started in Antrim County where Joe Biden was declared the winner of the historically Republican-leaning district.

Officials, however, later announced that there was “human error” and that President Trump had actually won the county.

Things have never seemed to add up, however, and Michigan was one of six states that stopped counting on Election Night in an unprecedented move never before seen. These six states were all being led by President Trump and when counting resumed they all miraculously flipped to Biden.

While DePerno’s lawsuit has been dismissed, actions are on hold because the judge said that he expects an appeal, which DePerno has made clear he plans to pursue.

His latest allegations will undoubtedly be part of that appeal. He shared his findings via a series of Twitter posts.

In the first, he said, “1. We have been lied to. The Antrim County election management system (EMS) was REMOTELY and successfully logged into anonymously on 11/05/2020 at 5:55 PM and again on 11/17/2020 at 5:16 PM. Yes, that is correct … REMOTELY.”

“2. Those dates are significant because they correspond directly to the dates the county and SOS were trying to correct the intentional computer problems that subverted the election. These logons appear to have escalated privileges at the time of logon. Again .. REMOTELY.”

In posts 3 and 4 he went on to point out that county officials insisted there “was no internet connection” but that turned out to be a lie. He also raised the obvious concern of the system being accessed by an anonymous user who did not possess a specific user name and password.

DePerno also called for corrupt Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to “resign or be impeached.”

While he did not include any documented evidence proving his claims, he will likely present it as part of his appeal.

In earlier reports, DePerno explained that the machines could be reopened after an election had already taken place and more ballots could be run through the tabulator machines and election workers could “print off new tabulator tape with new ballots, and then backdate that tape to November.”

Things in Michigan certainly just don’t add up. It’s time for a full state forensic audit.

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  1. All planned beginning Nov. 3, 2016. Trump won and must reinstated immediately. The country demands the world morns for Trump.

  2. So democrat cheating worked very well in the 2020 election and it will work AGAIN during the 2022 and 2024 election because the RINO party supports the democrats and doesn’t care if they steal every election until the end of time. The American people need a New Political Party called the Conservative party to replace the broken RINO (republican) party. Currently we have only one political party in our country and it is the liberal party.

    • Exactly right ! The GOP should have tackled voter ID when Trump was in office his first week now the consequences will be severe.

      • McConnel and other RINO’s are in on it is why they didn’t address it when they SHOULD have. Trying to correct things now is like trying to remove Hitler AFTER he has taken over and packed government with his literal partners in crime.

    • Lorraine and others – I understand the frustration with the GOP being too willing to just go along with the Dems, etc. However, the technical challenge of a 3rd Party is that it will siphon-off some Republican voters but there will still be a group that continues to vote GOP. That SPLITS the conservative vote and increases the likelihood of a Dem win. How are you going to avoid that? Some suggest it would be better to take-over the GOP from the inside and correct the problems. Most Republican politicians (not all) are from the ‘old school’ and are essentially RINO’s to today’s Republican supporters — you know the 70+million that still support Donald Trump. Trump supporters found a candidate with common sense that made good on sound principles of negotiation and management. The hangers-on politicians just don’t get IT!!!


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