Former Trump Personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani Says DOJ Has No Constitutional Authority To Get Involved In State Election Audits

(Republican Insider) – Former New York City Mayor and Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani recently sat down with Steve Bannon on his War Room program Thursday morning where he stated that the Justice Department has no constitutional authority to get involved in state election audits.

According to Gateway Pundit, Giuliani was asked during the conversation with Bannon about predictions concerning the Biden Justice Department and the likelihood of them stepping in to put a stop to the Arizona ballot audit.

The former mayor answered that there is no grounds in the Constitution that allows the DOJ to have any sort of involvement in a state election audit. After all, the whole point of our founding document is to put chains on the federal government by revealing what few legit powers they have and reserving the rest, like conducting audits, up to the states.

And Rudy Giuliani is not the only person out there who says that there’s no authority for the Biden Department of Justice to interfere with state election audits.

GOP chair Elise Stefanik recently spoke with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on her “Sunday Morning Futures” program where she said that the DOJ has no constitutional authority whatsoever to interfere with the audit happening in the state of Arizona.

“I support that audit. Transparency is good for the American people,” Stefanik told Bartiromo. “And again, this should be a non-partisan issue, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or conservative transparency is important.”

“And the audit was passed by the Arizona State Senate. The Biden Department of Justice is trying to block that audit,” she went on to say. “That is unconstitutional from my perspective. Our states, constitutionally, are responsible for writing states constitution law.”

A report from Infowars said, “The civil rights division of Biden’s DOJ had sent a letter to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann earlier this month demanding answers for how the state was conducting the Maricopa County audit.”

The letter from the DOJ seems to be in violation of Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution says that the power to oversee elections is a right that is granted exclusively to state legislatures.

The federal government has no right to try and stop the audit going down in Arizona. Nor does it have the power to do so in any other state. The audits must continue in order for us as a nation to protect election integrity.

The fact the Biden administration is trying this hard to stop the audits and interfere where it has no constitutional authority to do so is a move of pure desperation.

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