BREAKING: Printing Companies Modified Ballots in Multiple Republican Areas Forcing High Rates of Errors

(Republican Insider) – It’s starting to look like it might be about time for those involved with the 2020 election fraud to start getting lawyers, including companies that printed ballots. 

The Gateway Pundit reported on an exclusive story Friday, detailing the way in which printing companies purposefully printed manipulated ballots that would result in a higher percentage of them being sent into adjudication in Republican districts. 

Adjudication is when the system recognizes an error on a ballot and the ballot is then sent to unknown individuals who decide which candidate the voter was really voting for. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

This problem has been identified in Georgia, Arizona and Michigan. In Michigan alone, this fraudulent tactic could have resulted in up to 20% of Trump voters being recorded as Biden voters. 

On Thursday, Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno gave an update on his efforts to uncover the truth in Michigan on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic podcast. He revealed two major revelations. 

The first being that according to forensic images, it has been discovered that someone anonymously accessed the election management system remotely on November 5. This anonymous user accessed the system with escalated privileges and made changes to the database in an attempt to re-tabulate the election. 

The other disturbing revelation was that the printing of the actual ballots appears to have been “intentionally modified” so that 20% of Republican votes were not properly counted. DePerno’s audit team discovered that the Dominion voting machines were operating at a 68.05% error rate but the allowable election error rate is only .0008%. 

That is absolutely astounding. Nearly three-quarters of all ballots in Antrim County were recognized by Dominion voting machines as having errors which means they were sent to adjudication where someone, we don’t know who, had the authority to decide what candidate the ballot was cast for. 

This is all a direct result of the printing companies deliberately printing ballots for primarily Republican ballots with errors already on them. Also important to point out is the fact that ballots sent to adjudication were not tracked. There is no trail of who did the adjudicating or when they did it. 

DePerno explained to Bannon that on the side of the paper ballots there is a series of 59 black boxes and on the manipulated ballots “blocks 15, 18, 28, 41, and 44 were all intentionally modified, the height and width, the shape of the blocks were intentionally modified in order to generate errors.” 

He noted that for Republicans, ballots for Trump were being rejected at a rate of 20% more than ballots for Joe Biden. 

DePerno also discussed with Bannon how Arizona auditors have known about this issue and have been analyzing ballots there to uncover intentional manipulations and discrepancies. 

The fraudulent 2020 election was a well-oiled machine but what the left didn’t account for was the tenacity of American patriots and our unwillingness to simply sit back and watch our country be stolen and destroyed. 

The truth is coming out, finally. 

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  1. Now what’s going to happen with all this information. there should be some investigations and people prosecuted. Because it certainly won’t change the out come of the election. If this is found out to be true we now have a PINO in the white house.

  2. Until someone has balls and demands something be done, this is a bunch of nothing. Republicans are gutless and afraid of losing their lush careers living off the tax payers just like the democrats.

  3. It is becoming more and more obvious that there were multiple levels of a concerted effort to illegally swing this election to Biden. As time and investigations slowly start to uncover some of the ways that votes were changed, faked, discarded and otherwise manipulated, it becomes harder and harder for anyone to discard the evidence as real and well orchestrated by some very high level democrats and their benevolent benefactors. Those people doing the investigations are to be thanked for their sticking to it and continually uncovering fraud issues. Let’s make sure, as conservative Americans, that we support those investigations with our voices and our written words. WAKE UP CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS AND CELEBRATE EVERY SMALL VICTORY OF THE INVESTIGATORS! It is too late to change the election results and get rid of Biden and company but it is not too late to send the message to the dems that we will uncover their misdeeds and hold them accountable.

  4. Shotgun Strategy Rigged election. Trilateral/CFR/Bilder, and their NGO’s, all Imperials and Anti American knew our Trump was hugely popular with all Americans and that Malta Biden was not. Be advised, same CFR was involved with the rigged Obama election and the rigged 9/11 Bush election and the rigged Clinton election and the rigged Reagan election and the rigged Carter election and the rigged Watergate; Nixon was CFR BUT he went into American mode after a couple of staff became fearful of the Deep Throat Kissinger.

    My point: enemies of our USA play both sides: and they are CFR, Trilateral, Bilderbergs and their controlled media: mainstream, film, all Hollywood, Freemason, Shriners, Tavistock, Frankfurt school Dem elite, Repub elite, CIA, Navy Intel, FBI elite and maybe deeper, top Pentagon; all international corps/techs, and a few others, but the total player amount of treason players in raw score is not large: not counting entry freemason regulars, my off the top guess is less than 18,000 key individuals.

    When we learn WHO America’s enemies are located among us, we will WHERE they are located. Then release the US Army.

    The Republic must stand. We indeed are the light of the world.

  5. Now the BIG question, What is going to be done about it? That’s what everyone wants to know, This is all fine and good but without something being overturned it means nothing.

    • Buyer’s Remorse is a big part of the results of this election. Yes, there was fraud, and BIDEN didn’t win; however, thanks to Obama, and the swamp, overturning the results will be messy, at best, and a Civil War, at worst!
      Why do you believe that the Demokratz want to know where every registered gun is located in the United States? Why do you believe that the Demokratz want to outlaw Ghost Guns?
      During the election, the Swamp spread viscous lies that Trump was going to “Steal” the election and would “have to be blasted out of the White House!” The violence is going to occur; however, it’s going to be the Demokratz that have to be blasted out of the White House!

  6. There’s plenty of room in GITMO for ALL of the treasonous A-holes in the House of Representatives (which have NOT represented us for decades!), Senate, insiders and outsiders that are all part of the deep, dark slimey swamp in the District of Corruption!

  7. It was known that the only way Biden could beat Trump was through massive cheating and fraud. So there was massive cheating and fraud.


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